600’s Cdai shocked supporters today [1/24/22] by sending a message to Memo600 through his Instagram page from behind bars. The message was transcribed by Cdai’s friend and posted to his Instagram story, dissing Memo multiple times for saying Cdai and RondoNumbaNine have some “WEIRD S*** GOING ON” in a recent tweet.


Cdai made claims about things that allegedly happened involving Memo before his arrest in 2014, saying he “used to dump cigarette ashes and put blunts out on” Memo’s clothes & even saying he was “scared to come around” when him, Rondo and D.Rose were around.

Memo was quick to respond under our Instagram post and via a couple of tweets and an Instagram story post of a conversation between him and 600’s MThang about the situation with Cdai. He denied Cdai ever dumping ashes on him and refuted Cdai’s claim about sleeping in the same bed as one of his opps.

At the end of his comment Memo added “JUS DONT THROW LIL FOLKS UNDER THE BUS”, referring to the dispute currently going on between Rondo and Cdai.

Memo went on to post twice about the situation on Twitter before uploading a screenshot of a private conversation with 600’s MThang, which appears to show MThang denying the things Cdai claimed about Memo.

MThang says that Cdai has been “tweaking” with everybody recently, and puts it down to the possibility of Cdai going to court this week after previously claiming his conviction could be overturned (https://www.instagram.com/p/CZASZCMKURx/).