Team 600’s Courtney ‘Cdai’ Ealy recently told fans to stop accusing his codefendant RondoNumbaNine of snitching on him over Rondo’s lawyer’s appeal strategy.

Cdai posted a number of times to his Instagram story before doing a phone interview with Byron Blake / FreeDaGuyzTV and explaining his point further.

He said that nothing said in Rondo’s appeal paperwork could have hurt his case, and vice versa (“whatever his lawyer say on appeal doesn’t hurt me”) explaining that Rondo never co-operated against him during the trial & therefore nothing submitted in the appeal paperwork can be used against him.

Cdai went on to speak on witness claims they saw a muzzle flash from his hands and theories that he passed the gun to Rondo since only one firearm was theorised as being “on the scene”. Listen to the interview in full here:

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