Chicago rapper GMEBE Bravo was yesterday released on house arrest from juvenile detention center where he served 6 months inside for possession of a weapon on school grounds.

The 17-year-old youngest rapper in the GMEBE group is now awaiting trial for the weapons offence which resulted from his arrest in late September 2016.

He was remanded into custody for 6 months since he was a juvenile when he was arrested with a firearm, and faces a possible sentence ranging from probation to 2-6 years in prison when he goes to trial. Although possession of a weapon for a juvenile usually comes with a 1-3 year sentence, Bravo’s case is made more serious by the fact that he was arrested on school property.

GMEBE Bravo made a big impact in the drill scene in the short time since he entered alongside the rest of the GMEBE movement, which includes JP Armani, Lil Chief Dinero, GMEBE Allo, GMEBE Bandz & GMEBE Pistol. Bravo is set to drop a sequel to his ‘Out That Jam’ mixtape soon.

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