Chicago rapper and member of the GMEBE music group Lil Chief Dinero has been sentenced to 7 years in prison for assault charges relating to the home invasion offence he was sought for with in Champaign County, Illinois.

A warrant was issued for the 20 year-old rapper’s arrest along with his associate EBE Murda mid-February, seeking them for reported charges of home invasion and aggravated robbery in connection to a January 11th incident in east Urbana.

GMEBE’s manager announced the news via Twitter, saying:

@GMEBE100: “Today I was so [Mad Emoji] I watched the Judge give my boy 7years. [Mad Emojis] #FreeDinero #FreeNero #FreeLilChiefDinero”

Although 7 years may seem like a long sentence, Lil Chief Dinero was facing a possible 6-30 years on the more serious charges of aggravated robbery and home invasion therefore 7 years is not actually the worst possible news. People close to him including his manager have also claimed that he will not serve the whole sentence. Many people were confused about which jail Lil Chief Dinero had been housed in, thinking he would be in Cook County or similar jails to other locked up Drill rappers. However because the crime allegedly occurred in Urbana in Champaign County, IL the pair are being held in a Champaign County jail.


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