G Herbo (formerly known as Lil Herb) was interviewed and spoke last week about an incident he says was a couple of years back in Buffalo, NY where a girl he called a ‘groupie’ stole his diamond chain. The girl who stole the chain from him has made a number of new posts about the incident recently, claiming G Herbo was dishonest about what happened when asked about it in his interview.

He blamed the incident on drinking too much ‘lean’ (promethazine + codeine syrup) on the night which he no longer does, and said his manager asking him to hand over his cash from the room was the reason he left the girl unattended in his hotel room. The girl’s recent outburst about the incident was provoked by what she calls lies that Herb told in the interview, quoting him saying he ‘does not know what possessed him to take a picture with the girl in his hotel room’ as he doesn’t usually ‘do that’ and saying that the incident only happened a year ago.

The girl allegedly took his diamond chain while he was asleep and made a quick exit. After she took a number of pictures and posted them on Twitter, G Herbo said he felt like he had to ‘kill her’ & got the chain back eventually through a contact of his. After the girl involved saw the recent interview she began to make comments about the situation again, see all of her posts above along with some from another man who claims to have been there at some point.

Check out the interview with Opposition here: G Herbo on Groupie Stealing His Chain (1st & Worst) – http://bit.do/HerboG

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