Lil Jay’s cousin Harry J visited him yesterday in jail, and asked fans and supporters to send any questions in to him to ask Lil Jay beforehand which he went and asked on their behalf.

He came back last night and posted a video to his Instagram page in which he answered a number of the questions fans asked before saying Lil Jay will happily give interviews about his situation to us here at RapCatchUp and a number of other media platforms. We are doing our best to make this interview with with Lil Jay happen and will update our subscribers when we have any news. 

Harry J also let Clout Lord’s supporters know that Lil Jay got into a fight in jail with an alleged member of 600 named Lil Savage and was sent to the ‘hole’ (a prison within a prison, almost always 23 hour lock-up) for breaking his jaw but did not have any time added to his sentence. He also said Lil jay is still cool with Famous Dex and the pair talk nearly every day, and he has not had his dreadlocks removed like many other locked up Chicago rappers.

Harry J also promised the release of Lil Jay’s ‘Unexpected Fame Part 3’ mixtape soon and said Lil Jay said he thinks will be out by November of this year.

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