Friends and affiliates of rappers FBG Duck and King Yella are reporting that the pair were arrested last night on so far unknown charges.

*UPDATE* The pair were released the following day, check out the video here: *UPDATE*

Yesterday marked FBG Duck’s 23rd birthday, and the rapper was set to begin celebrations and had posted a number of times about it to his social networking pages. Other rappers wished him a happy birthday publicly and looked set to celebrate with him at an arranged ‘kick back’, but a few hours later posts saying “Free Duck” and “Free King Yella” began popping up on social networking sites.

It’s still not clear whether other people were on the scene when they were arrested and no information can be found online this early on in the arrest process. Subscribe to this channel for updates on the cases both rappers are facing as they emerge.

The pair both recently started performances on their scheduled Fuck Fame New Industry Tour and were scheduled to perform at a variety of venues over the coming months.

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