Rapper Soulja Boy has started yet another rap beef, this time Atlanta’s Quavo, a member of the Migos rap group.

He threatened to pull out his ‘Draco’ machine gun once again in a series of Instagram videos and tweets about the Migos frontman, attempting to start the hashtag “#Pray4Quavo” and even retweeting YouTube blogger DJ Akademiks mocking him for his over the top posts.

Radio host Charlamagne The God also called Soulja out and awarded him his ‘Donkey Of The Day’ award, to which Soulja Boy responded positively and thanked him for the “free promotion”.

Quavo or anyone from the Migos side has yet to reply publicly on Twitter, subscribe for any updates on this new beef as they emerge.
Do you think Soulja Boy is just dissing for attention at this point? Or do you think he has a right to take aim at the ‘viral’ generation who have benefitted from taking the path he helped to make?

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