Chief Keef is being sued by reality TV star Teresa Giudice (popular for her appearances on the Real Housewives of New Jersey) for using an image of her home on his ‘Mansion Musick’ cover art without permission.

The cover art, which it’s important to note Chief Sosa DID NOT design himself, allegedly features an image of the inside and staircases in Teresa Giudice’s mansion. Her attorney James Leonard Jr. told TMZ that he believes Teresa and co. clearly deserve to be compensated for it’s use, adding that it’s an “invasion of their privacy”. The tape itself dropped in July, and is the most critically acclaimed of Sosa’s recent projects.

The case may not be as clear-cut as it first appears though, as the photo (@ ) was once used to market the house online when it was up for sale a while back, so arguing its a private photo could be difficult. Teresa herself is not a fan of Keef, but happened across the image as her daughter follows Keef on her IG account.

Other than being a reality TV star, Teresa Giudice is known for filing for bankruptcy and serving 11 months of a 15-month sentence in prison for Fraud involving her husband Joe Giudice. She entered a guilty plea to 41 separate counts of fraud relating to the fraud of over $5,000,000 over a 10-year period.

Sosa himself and the designer of the cover art are yet to respond publicly. Follow us @RapCatchUp for Updates as they become public.

Do you think she has a right to ask for compensation for the image’s use? Or do you think it’s not that serious? Let us know below.

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