One of XXXTentacion’s friends and fellow Florida-based rapper Tank Head made it clear today he’s not happy with Ski Mask The Slump God, after Ski Mask appeared to call Drake out for copying his style after infamously taking a picture with Drake shortly after X’s death.

Ski posted a video of Drake on Instagram rocking a DuRag which people believe was inspired by the way Ski Mask wore his, with the caption: “I’m upset”, which was later changed to the globe emoji. On Twitter he posted:

@THESLUMPGOD: “My Thing Is Drake Be Adding A lot Of Other People Sauce To What He Got And Don’t Credit No One On It The F*** Is That”

Tank Head saw coverage of Ski’s comments the next day and responded with posts on his IG story, one of which read:

“First you waited three hours to take a f***ing pic with him now you mad over a durag [LAUGHING EMOJIS] f***ing pookie”

Although it’s clear he doesn’t agree with Ski’s actions, Tank Head made it clear that Ski Mask is one of his friends. He clarified he just disagrees with some of the recent decisions Ski Mask has been making, and understands that Ski may be in a bad place mentally due to his mostly unresolved disputes with XXXTentacion. He went on to say he’ll be unhappy with Ski if he “rolls over on the situation”, presumably meaning not sticking with his decision to kill any problem with Drake in positivity’s name after X’s untimely death. Later on Tank appeared riled up over the situation again, posting a number of angry videos to his IG story.

Check out all of Tank’s posts from today for yourself above. Do you think Tank Head is right to disagree with with Ski’s actions? Or do you think X would have wanted the pair to chill in the name of positivity?

Instagram: @TankHead666 @TheSlumpGod

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