According to TMZ, 3 men attempted to break in to Chief Keef’s home in San Fernando Valley around 11:55 pm last night (9/23/2018).

Sosa was unaware of the home invasion attempt, and plain clothes police (who are stationed in the area due to a high number of home burglaries) intervened when one of the men was making off with some of Keef’s goods.

When officers intervened one shot was fired by one of the suspects, but did not hit anybody. Officers arrested 2 men on the scene and allegedly recovered a weapon on each man, and the 3rd man escaped in a vehicle. The 2 men are now being booked on burglary and weapon charges and the 3rd man is being sought by police.

The men broke in by throwing a brick through the window of the ‘Don’t Like’ superstar’s home, and at least one made it inside.

Sosa was interviewed after the men were arrested, and he claimed to have ‘no idea’ the suspects had gotten into his home (Possibly due to it’s size).

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