Chicago artist and member of the GMEBE group Lil Chief Dinero was just freed after being locked up since March of 2016.

Back in August of 2016 his manager announced he was sentenced to 7 years for battery charges relating to an alleged home invasion on January 11 2016 [Watch HERE:], and he will presumably spend the rest of his sentence on parole.

Dinero posted a number of videos to his Instagram story announcing his return, and was greeted with open arms by his fellow GMEBE affiliates JP Armani, EBE Bandz (Billy da Kid, GMEBE Bandz) & GMEBE Bravo.

Since LCD is one of the members of GMEBE who helped to keep the group together, his return is expected to bring a revival of the popular Chicago drill music camp, which is made up of Dinero, JP Armani, GMEBE Allo, GMEBE Pistol, EBE Bandz & GMEBE Bravo.

Instagram: @GMEBE_Dineroo

[Beat: Priority Beats (@DerricoPeck),]

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