DJ Akademiks called Atlanta’s Yung Bans out on Twitter again recently, claiming his album has “flopped” as he predicted a couple of weeks ago.

Ak claimed Bans moved less than 10,000 units in his first week of sales. It’s not clear exactly where he got these figures from, but his reliable reporting on the performance of other people’s projects suggests it’s probably true. He also claimed Bans was “actually signed to a major” and is lying about being one of the world’s biggest independent artists, and mocked him for having so many big artist featured on his project and still not selling a good amount of units.

Bans responded claiming he “dropped on a Wednesday” and is “streaming millions by the day” defending the seemingly low figures, but Ak claimed he’s misunderstood the week in question and said he’s had a full 7 days of sales. He also mentioned Akademiks allegedly not going to work at Complex when he was scheduled to attend their offices, but Ak dismissed these claims and said he rejected Bans’ team’s application to get on Ak’s Complex show ‘Everyday Struggle’.

Ak continued to come at Bans despite only getting one reply, claiming he “click baited” people with XXXTentacion’s name and acted like he had an unreleased song with him “to get more streams”, when in fact the song only contained a voicemail clip. He went on to say “Basically you flopped n****.. Melly couldn’t save you.. xxxtentacion couldn’t save you… Future, Young Thug, Gunna, Durk, Nav, couldn’t save u…Your album shouldn’t have been called ‘Misunderstood’ should have been ‘Miscalculated’ U FLOPPPED”.

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