NY rapper and part of the CityMorgue group Sosmula today responded to fellow NY artist Squidnice’s recent attempts to get his attention, which led to the pair bumping heads.

Squidnice had been calling out Mula indirectly for a few days over a dispute dating back to Rolling Loud earlier this year, and finally got his attention yesterday, along with that of Zillakami, the other member of CityMorgue. Mula posted on his story multiple times about Squid, accusing him of snitching and posting DM threads allegedly showing Squid attempting to make contact with CityMorgue on multiple occasions in the past. Squidnice himself said he had no problems with Zilla or Mula when he bumped into them at Rolling Loud, and was not aware they had a problem with him.

Zillakami posted an image of the group’s new merchandise with a “Pest Control – Kill All Rats” design on it and overlaid: “F**K 69 & FUCK @squidnice [EMOJI] KILL ALL RATS
FREE @burnkas999”, going on to say if Squid & co “really wanted a problem” they should have pulled up to a recent show. In a follow-up post on his Instagram story Zilla even said he wants to shoot a Music Video in Squidnice’s hometown Staten Island, NY.

In Squid’s responses he accused Sosmula of deleting sent messages to make the thread look a certain way, and said that he did not snitch on anybody but used his connections with a major label to help him avoid prison time. Most post were deleted the same night, but you can check all the posts we caught out for yourself above.

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