EBE Murda took to Twitter again today to say the group (which was made up from 2 different groups, GME & EBE) may not be working together under one name in future.

Over the Holiday season (starting around the 24th of December) EBE Murda posted about an unknown situation a number of times and claimed that the group, which has achieved international fame, is no longer together.

JP Armani has said that EBE Murda was never officially a part of GMEBE, & so he has no say in whether or not the group has split, therefore what Murda has stated is nothing but a rumour.

The rapper even went so far as to post about the incident on his official Facebook page. Murda directed one post at the GMEBE manager, but most of GMEBE are yet to reply to Murda’s comments publicly, and so the group remain officially together.

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