One of the Chicago rappers who featured on a number of Famous Dex’ early tracks who went by the name ‘Famous Irv’ has dropped the ‘Famous’ from his name in a move which has surprised some fans.

Since Famous Dex catapulted to success this year off the back of his hard work rate and unusual style, rappers like Irv and Ayoo KD who formerly featured on many of his songs were somewhat left behind. Irv has now made the decision to distance himself from Famous Dex’ brand and go in his own direction with his musical career, announcing the news publicly on his social networking pages.

Although much smaller than Famous Dex’s, Irv has his own fan base gathered by his unique style who seem excited to see what Irv has in store for them over the coming months.

Do you think this was a bad or good move for Irv’s career? Do you think he should have kept his name and kept any ongoing issues wirh Dex private? Let us know in the comment section below, and don’t forget to subscribe if you enjoy our content.

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