Chicago’s FBG Cash disses Killa Kellz, Smylez and Chief Keef’s Unclaimed BabyMother Lady Abnormal In exclusive letter from prison written via website.

Cash previously posted some controversial posts to Twitter a few weeks ago insulting JoJoWorld’s Smylez after his recent death which caused some upset with fans and fellow Chicago rapper Killa Kellz.

Killa Kellz tweeted Cash back after his posts and this letter, written exclusively to us here at RapCatchUp, shows his reply to Killa Kellz and his feelings on his name being dropped in Chief Keef’s unclaimed baby mother ‘Lady Abnormal’s ZackTV interview.

Cash also wrote briefly about the planned release of his 2 mixtapes ‘No More Free Cash 2’ and ‘No More Free Cash 3’, See the letter above.

Free Cash.
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