After initially supporting his friend SmokeCamp Chino’s problem with Lud Foe, Chief Keef’s Glo Gang affiliate from Detroit Rocaine today dissed a few different rappers on his Twitter account, including Chicago’s Lud Foe, Rico Recklezz, Famous Dex & even Soulja Boy, Tyga & Bow Wow.

His main issue was with’No Hooks’ rapper Lud Foe, who has beef with SmokeCamp Chino for an unknown reason,. Rocaine tweeted yesterday [11.21.2016]:

@BoobieLil: “Foe don’t want them problems with the cutta man”

He also called out rapper Tyga, threatening to take his jewellery and said Soulja Boy’s jewellery is ‘fake’ and not worth stealing. Rocaine also referred to Soulja Boy backing out of his beef with Rico Recklezz in a way which has fans talking, saying ‘that crab nigga Rico’ in a tweet about Soulja Boy. He even took aim at Famous Dex again , saying:

@BoobieLil: “Idk why @ChiefKeef did a song with @souljaboy that nigga fu. he did a song with @FamousDex . The industry fu”

Rico Recklezz replied to Rocaine’s original tweet but was met with a short response from the 44Boyz rapper, See all the posts above.

Lud Foe retailiated via SnapChat and posted a picture dissing Rocaine’s group the 44Boyz, & his affiliate Stewie took up for his friend and sent shots back at Rocaine via Twitter, stay tuned for the resulting Twitter Beef video.

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