FBG Cash dissed Smylez from prison a few days back, and JojoWorld’s Killa Kellz was quick to respond.

Speaking on Twitter from prison a few days ago, Chicago drill rapper FBG Cash (AKA Cashout063) checked in with us here at RapCatchUp & his fans, before dissing recently deceased Brick$quad/JojoWorld rapper/producer Izzerick ‘Smylez’ Aigbokhan, who he was beeinf with before his incarceration. FBG Cash also tweeted a number of times to update his fans and friends on his situation, and let everybody know he will be released in 9 months time.

The original Tweet Cash posted read:

@cashout063: “@RapCatchUp whats up I miss y’all keep going crazy Fuck smylez lol naw fr fuck Smylez”

Killa Kellz saw the tweet quickly after and posted his own response which read:

@Killa_Kellz069: “@cashout063 @RapCatchUp he go die on jojo”

An affiliate of Famous Dex’s who also claims JojoWorld named FatDaddy also commented emojis underneath the post, see all of the relevant posts above, & don’t forget to join the discussion below.

● FBG Cash Disses Killa Kellz, Smylez & Chief Keef’s Unclaimed BabyMother In Exclusive Prison Letter https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=veTkNwfLqyM&lc

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