Soulja Boy sneak dissed Chicago’s Rico Recklezz today on Twitter and threatened he had put $100,000 ‘on his head’, then later deleted the posts and Rico Recklezz replied.

Soulja Boy originally tweeted:
@souljaboy: “I just made a million dollars what I look like Dissin an unsigned Chicago rapper? Fuck rap beef we really doing drills [EMOJIS]he want some clout”

After Rico dissed Soulja in his latest track ‘No Talking Freestyle’ [Listen Here:], some were waiting for the original viral rapper to reply. Soulja posted some other tweets about Rico Recklezz without directly using his name, which caused Rico to react by posting the screenshots on Twitter and once again call the ‘Crank That’ rapper out. Rico offered to fight Soulja Boy in a broadcasted boxing match for $10,000 & later took shots at MBAM Lil Flip who was also tweeting Soulja Boy at the time.

See all the posts from both sides above, most from Soulja Boy have been deleted already.

Soulja Boy VS Rico Recklezz (Round 2/2):

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