Chicago’s Billionaire Black and Louisiana’s Fredo Bang exchanged words on Thursday 11th after Fredo posted a photo wearing an item from King Von’s “Levon James” merch line, which includes the Von quote ‘Not from 63rd’.

Billionaire reposted the image with a caption warning Fredo and calling him a “wanna be BD” for wearing the hoodie which disrespects the block him and his friends represent. He followed this up with a short video saying he’s going to treat the people who are affiliated with his rival Chicago rappers and “wanna be opps so bad” like they are members of a rival gang.

Fredo responded indirectly via a post on his own IG story saying: “[I Don’t] Like Threats . . . Keep Me Off Yo Socials DaddyYooo”, before posting a video to his story addressing the situation that was later deleted. He went on to post a final time saying “I Sleep Good @ Night / Its Gone Stay That Way Buddyyy”.

Billionaire responded to Fredo’s posts a final time on his story accusing Fredo of lying about not knowing who him and his friends are and warning him to “mind [his] business”. Most of the posts were deleted on the night they were posted, but we managed to catch them before they were removed. Check them our for yourself in the video above.

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