Detroit rapper and Glo Gang affiliate SmokeCamp Chino was indicted last week alongside 11 of his affiliates after federal agencies completed a major operation in the early hours of Wednesday 8th November.

The operation leaves 14 members of the ‘SmokeCamp’ gang (formerly the Runyon boys) facing a multitude of different charges including gun and narcotic trafficking, robbery, extortion, racketeering and selling to undercover ATF agents

The operation was covered the following day on Fox 2 Detroit news, with photos and sections of SmokeCamp Chino’s music videos being shown and described as the gang showing off their money and guns. Chino was said to be one of the “leaders” of the group on this same broadcast, and his property in the Michigan suburb of Canton was raided at the same time as the Detroit addresses and aerial footage of the raid on his property can be briefly seen.

The ATF begun an operation on the group in June 2017, and 2 members of the group (including a relative of Chino’s) are still being sought by authorities and the other 12 remain in custody awaiting trial. Evidence in RICO (Racketeer Influenced and Corrupt Organizations)/Racketeering cases is usually stacked up quite high before the arrest stage, so it would be realistic to assume most members of the group will be facing serious prison sentences, including Chino.

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