According to his manager, Chicago rapper GMEBE Bandz (AKA EBE Bandz & Billy da Kid) has been missing since Sunday 26. The news was announced yesterday via his Instagram account (@BillyDaKid079), and his GMEBE affiliates and collaborator A-Wax reacted on Instagram.

According to GMEBE manager C, the last time anybody spoke to Bandz was on Sunday morning when he was heading home. His home was reportedly found “trashed” when people went to check on him, but his car reportedly remained in his garage.

Other GMEBE members made it clear that they do not know exactly what is going on with Bandz, wishing him the best but asking fans to respect their privacy and understand that they do not have any more information than the fans do at this point. Fans have suggested that the news could be a promotional tactic, but GMEBE’s JP Armani dismissed these claims on Instagram live.

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