FBG Duck today reacted to Memo600 posting a fan’s video of Duck being trolled, which caused a dispute to break out between the 2 rival buzzing Chicago rappers.

In the short video a man can be seen acting friendly with FBG Duck before disrespecting him by asking if he’s “smoking Tooka”. Memo reposted the video on his page with a caption mocking Duck for not taking action, and Duck responded numerous times.

Duck claimed he addressed the issue as soon as the recording was stopped, and made the man apologize off camera. Memo mocked Duck in responses, telling him to stop explaining himself and saying he’s made more money than him, despite only rapping for “10 months”. Duck responded with a comment about that Durk “aint really” paying Memo for signing to OTF, & the pair went on to post indirectly about each other on their various social media pages.

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