Texas rapper GoYayo recently dissed Glo Gang and Chief Keef on his instagram, which caused Lil Reese and Tadoe to

It appears the beef started when GoYayo accused Tadoe of saying he was involved in taking his chain. Tadoe responded via DM, and GoYayo posted screenshots of their messages to his IG story.

Lil Reese posted and deleted a screenshot of GoYayo’s Instagram page with a caption overlaid that said: “Who is this lame ass n*** tell him get his b*tch ass on on gang”. GoYayo reposted the image, adding: “…don’t make no post about me..”. His next photo caption dissed Glo Gang again, and other members of Glo Gang have not replied at this time.

[Beat: @KadmaBeats, https://goo.gl/bijNd7]