Although details surrounding the situation are scarce, Chicago rappers Killa Kellz & J-Real (AKA J MFKN Real) were both allegedly shot & caught up in an shooting incident which led to both their arrests on New Years Day 2016.

The Twitter account for ‘Spot News’, a page which reports radio traffic from Chicago police/emergency scanners detailed that 3 men were allegedly shot near a gas station at 7559 S. State, one 20 year-old, one 22 year-old & one 26 year-old.

2 of these individuals were reported to be rappers Killa Kellz & J-Real. Posts to the alleged 3rd man’s Facebook page indicate that all 3 people survived, & that Killa Kellz & J-Real are on the road to recovery.

Killa Kellz’s Instagram page (@RealKIllaKellz) was also ‘hacked’ yesterday by password ‘phishers’, & whoever recovered it later posted a picture which indirectly let his supporters know Killa Kellz is OK & has regained access to his Instagram page.

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