Chicago rapper King Yella bonded out of a Las Vegas jail for $12,000 today (2.6.18) and has claimed Offset and the Migos beef with him (which started with Yella dissing Cardi B) led to him being arrested.

The exact charges Yella was arrested on have still not been made public, but pon his release today he claimed his arrest was a direct result of this ongoing beef, and said Police told him his arrest had to do with a Migos show in Las Vegas. He has previously claimed Offset’s beef with him and complaints about him got him blacklisted from a number of popular Las Vegas casinos.

King Yella also spoke on his associates who posted about him being arrested but didn’t attempt to help him bond out of jail.

Yella and Cardi were previously associated through Cardi B’s ex-boyfriend, and Yella penned a diss track for Cardi after repeated unsuccessful attempts to rekindle their friendship. This led to Offset calling Yella and the situation escalated from there. Yella released a song named ‘Cardi B Truth’ a couple of weeks ago but has promised a real diss track aimed at Migos and Cardi due to his arrest and having to face a new criminal case in Las Vegas.

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