Goons reportedly took Chicago rapper Famous Dex’s ‘Dexter’ chain after show in Los Angeles yesterday & Dex has said if he doesn’t get it back he’s “pussy”.

A local Neighbourhood 60s Crip affiliate, who later spoke on the incident on Instagram, claimed he took Dex aside when he left the stage and robbed him for his distinctive ‘Dexter’ pendant and piece. He claimed to have given 2Chainz and Young Dolph a pass due to the fact they checked in with the local goons ahead of time.

He went on to say Dex ran away from him into an elevator so his watch would not be taken. The man has said he is willing to return the chain and wanted a free show from Dex and features for his young affiliates with rap careers in return for the chain being returned.

Dex got the custom piece as one of his first major chains/pendants back in 2016, and has promised to make all attempts to get the chain back. Dex claims he was “set up”, and even said in an Instagram Live broadcast that his fans should “call him pussy” if he doesn’t have his chain returned to him, and even swore this claim by his deceased mother.

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