Lando Bando of TheHipHopLab explains his recent beef with Detroit rapper Rocaine, Says he ran off with his camera “like a crackhead” before gving it back a short time after.

Rocaine reposted a video of him holding the Canon camera and saying “Fuck Lando” to his Instagram page yesterday, to which Lando quickly replied with the video above and a number of captions attempting to let fans know he already got his camera back a few days ago when the incident happened.

Lando alleges Rocaine stole the camera in an effort to get him to remove his controversial interview with Cate GloryBoyz member and fellow Detroit rapper Dee Potts. You can see the interview in full on TheHipHopLab’s YouTube channel here:

You can also watch Lando’s explanation of what happened with Rocaine in full Here:

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