Atlanta’s Lil GotIt recently previewed a Soulja Boy diss track, which triggered a response from Soulja’s friend and TX rapper GoYayo.

After GoYayo and Lil Keed bumped heads recently on Instagram, it was only a matter of time before somebody else got involved. Keed’s friend and follow Atlanta rapper Lil Got It penned a diss track about Soulja Boy, criticizing him and GoYayo for dissing Tyga and DJ Akademiks on newly released songs.

GoYayo responded a number of times underneath GotIt’s post on Instagram saying “we aint making no songs” and promising consequences to GotIt’s disses, & GotIt himself replied and let Yayo know exactly how he felt.

Check the posts out for yourself above, and check out the entire preview of Lil GotIt’s diss here:

Do you think GotIt is clout chasing? Or is he speaking facts about Soulja and Yayo?

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