Lil Jay’s cousin Harry J recently confirmed via his Instagram page that Jay will likely be released in late 2020, as we previously reported last month (

Jay, real name Jeff McGraw, has been locked up since 2015, and turned down an 8 year plea deal before taking his case(s) to trial. Him stating previously that he beat one of the charges he was facing caused confusion among followers, but it appears he simplified events to make it easier to understand that he will likely be released soon and will not serve multiple more years in jail.

Despite being sentenced to 14 years in prison, Jay will more than likely be released next year (2020). This is because of the 4 years he has already spent in jail waiting for trial (known as ‘time served’) and the fact that the majority of prison sentences in Chicago require the suspect to serve 50% of the sentence inside, and the other 50% on parole and/or house arrest.

Jay’s cousin Harry J posted an updated mugshot on his Instagram saying Jay is “COMING HOME NEXT YEAR” after attending a recent court date. He also commented underneath our Instagram post about the news claiming that Lil Jay has “ALREADY GOT PAROLE” for 14 months time from now (end of 2020).

Instagram: @Liljay063

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