Chicago rapper and FBG affiliate Popperazzi Po went live a couple of days ago and broadcast a phone conversation with Lil Jay, who updated everybody on the charges he was facing and even promised to be a free man by the end of next year.

Lil Jay claimed he’s now beaten both murder-related charges he was facing, and will now serve a smaller sentence for a less serious crime (the exact charge is currently unknown). The murder charge, which could have got him Life in prison, was dropped a few years ago as we reported back in June of 2017 []. The other attempted murder charge was the most serious charge Jay was facing. He now claims this charge has been beaten/dropped, and promises to be back on the streets by the end of 2020.

Near the end of the call, Jay said that his former close friend known as FBG Butta, who he caught the charges that landed him in prison with, chose to “snitch” on him & co-operate with the police to benefit himself & even got his mother locked up. Jay claims to have the paperwork to back up his accusations, promising to release it soon.

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