After FL’s Smokepurpp made it clear publicly he wanted 6IX9INE’s baby mama Sara Molina a few days back and she called his approach “really rude”, the pair got into a dispute on Instagram.

After posting videos on their respective stories dissing each other on Wednesday [8/30/2019], they both went live and spoke the situation. Purpp turned a short Live broadcast into a roast session, repeatedly calling Sara a “horse” & making jokes about her fake teeth.

In her response Sara called Purpp a “bum ass SoundCloud rapper”, claimed not to know “any of his songs” and mocked him for being jumped by Russ & associates. She went on to say Purpp makes music for “little boys with weird hair-cuts” & people who “sleep on sidewalks for supreme” & said shes not interested in people who are “always too high to function”.

Check all the important parts of each live out for yourself in the video. Thanks for watching.
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