In the first part of a brand new interview with DJVlad, Chicago’s Lil Jay revealed that he is no longer a member of the ‘Fly Boy Gang’ music group.

Lil Jay, real name Jeff McGraw, details his reasoning for the decision as nobody being ‘loyal’ to him, and other artists leaving him to handle his business in Cook County Jail alone. He also says nobody has helped put up any money for his lawyers & claims he put up over $200,000 himself.

Other artists within the group, based out of and formed from 63rd and St.Lawrence include: FBG Young, FBG Dutch, FBG Duck, FBG Cash, Billionaire Black & FBG Brick. The group first gained notoriety musically in Chicago with a number of diss tracks in 2011/2012 aimed at Chief Keef & Team 600’s Edai among others.

In the same interview Lil Jay now claims to only represent ‘WTO’, which stands for ‘We The Opps’. He also reported that the murder charge against his name which could have got him life in prison has been dropped, however he is now facing trial for either conspiracy to murder or attempted murder.

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