Upcoming Detroit rapper Tee Grizzley mentioned Chicago’s Lil Durk and appeared to diss fallen Chicago rapper Joseph ‘Lil Jojo’ Coleman on the original version of one of his recent hits named ‘No Effort’.

The music video for ‘No Effort’ dropped at the end of March this year, and featured Tee Grizzley rapping his signature fast flows over a hard hitting Detroit hip-hop beat. The video has amassed over 12 million views total and is hailed as one of his best songs, along with ‘First Day Out’ and ‘From The D to the A’.

It appears however Tee changed one bar from the original version of the song, which leaked online recently. At 3:55 in the music video, Tee raps:

“Extendo on the Glock, that b*tch long as a pogo / In Chicago, At SOHO, FN Like I’m RO-RO”

In the original version of the song however, the second half of the lyric is different and even contains a reference to 2 Chicago rappers. Grizzley raps:

“Extendo on the Glock, that b*tch long as a pogo / Let Lil Durk Music get you hype and join Jojo”

It’s up for interpretation whether Tee Grizzley meant any of the references as a diss, but he clearly chose to remove the lyric from the official version of the song to avoid controversy around his name. Listen to a clip of the original version above @1:51. Do you think it was meant as a shot at any of the Chicago rappers?

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S/O @jimmy2wo.times for the heads up.

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