In a new phone interview with SayCheeseTV, Chicago rapper Lil Jay spoke on a number of issues fans have wanted to ask him about for a while, including jail fights and whether he has bumped into RondoNumbaNine.

In addition to claiming to have won all 18 of his fights in jail, Lil Jay claimed that he has seen 600’s RondoNumbaNine while in jail and claimed the pair may very well squash their beef with each other. Lil Jay also said he had bumped into OTF’s BayBay and 600’s D.Rose while inside, and refused to speak on FBG Butta who he said has no affiliation to FBG anymore.

His FBG Associate Billionaire Black however did not seem happy with this news, posting a number of tweets about Lil Jay on his Twitter page.

Watch both parts of Lil Jay’s new phone interview on SayCheeseTV’s channel here:

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