Lil Jay’s cousin Harry J Responds to Billionaire Black’s tweets about Lil Jay leaving the ‘BDK’ movement.

Billionaire Black tweeted a few tweets which seemed aimed at Lil Jay via Twitter after the news first broke when SayCheeseTV dropped part 2 of their phone interview with Lil Jay yesterday (Listen here: Lil Jay’s blood cousin Harry J replied to Billionaire’s posts with a couple of Instagram videos, check them out above.

Billionaire also tweeted, possibly about Harry J’s posts:

@Billion_Ballout: “Im Not W The Social Beef Pull Up Im Right Dwn Street”

Check all the posts out above. Do you think Lil Jay’s right to see past his gang-banging past and see the bigger picture in favour of being successful? Or do you think dropping his ‘BDK’ affiliation while in jail shows disloyalty to his friends out of jail?

IG: @RockstarHarryJ @Billion_Ballout4

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