Lil Jay’s cousin Rockstar Harry J speaks on Lil Jay facing 15 years, Famous Dex and Lil Jay’s relationship and Dex choosing to support upcoming rapper XXXTENTATION & not his day one Fly Boy Gang affiliate Lil Jay.

Harry J made the video on his Instagram page to help fans understand that he is only criticising Famous Dex for not putting up money for Lil Jay’s bond because he said that he would when they previously spoke, not because they are looking from a handout from Dex. He even said that Sean Kingston offered to have Lil Jay stay with him in California and “help build his brand up”.

Harry J also posted a recent picture of Famous Dex rocking a t-shirt with XXXTENTACION’s face on it with the caption “Stright Goofy”, obviously offended that Dex shows support to currently buzzing artists from out of state but fails to show any public love to Lil Jay despite growing up with him.

Harry J also spoke on Lil Jay not accepting the 8 year plea deal he was offered for the second degree murder charges he is currently facing. He said the case could go well for Lil Jay because they didn’t catch him with any guns and all they have is a witness statement to convict him with.

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