Chicago born music producer Ramsay Tha Great, the same man who made the complaints about Chief Keef and his associate Tadoe which led to their arrest earlier this month, has been arrested for charges relating to alleged pimping in Orange County, California.

According to the Los Angeles Times the music producer (real name Brandon Christopher Ramsay), who lives in Granada Hills, is facing felony counts of pimping and two felony counts of ‘pandering by procuring’ (e.g. running a pimping business or “transporting a prostitute to the location of their arrangement”).

Ramsay is accused of pimping two women, aged 18 and 20 in Orange County & using the money they received from sexual acts for his own benefit. He was arrested after undercover officers answered an advertisement and met with the two girls in a motel in Anaheim. Ramsay called one of the women on her cellphone numerous times before pulling into the motel’s parking lot, where he was met by police.

His arrest shocked many fans of the drill music scene as after his alleged altercation with Chief Keef he claimed he did not portray a ‘street’ or ‘gangster’ image and does therefore not need to live by the code of the streets, so was happy to cooperate with the police and provide Chief Keef’s details at the time, which many have condemned ‘snitching’.

The 24 year old’s involvement in further criminal activities goes some way to discredit his earlier accusations as well as makes his statements after the incident questionable, as if he was involved in this sort of criminal activity all along then it seems hypocritical that he would point the finger at Chief Keef and Tadoe. He is being held in lieu of $700,000 bail and is scheduled to appear for a pretrial hearing on February 21st, and if convicted he faces a maximum sentence of seven years and four months in state prison (On these 2 charges alone).

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