Lil Jay’s blood cousin Rockstar Harry J goes live on Lil Jay’s Instagram page to inform fans of Lil Jay’s situation & speak on a number of issues fan asked him about.

Lil Jay’s Mom was recently arrested and sent to jail for revealing details of FBG Butta and Lil Jay’s currently ongoing criminal case. A number of months ago Lil Jay’s mother had a public argument with FBG Butta’s mother over Instagram while controlling Lil Jay’s Instagram page, in which she called Butta a “snitch” and alleged he was testifying against Lil Jay in order to be sentenced to a smaller amount of time in prison for the offences they stand accused of. Lil Jay’s cousin briefly touched on the subject but let fans know he could not explain it fully due to the fact that both cases are ongoing.

Harry J briefly also answered fan’s questions on a number of topics, including Famous Dex not bailing out his old friend, Lil Mister dissing Lil Jay and Lil Bibby allegedly running from Lil Jay.

According to his most recent VladTV interview, Lil Jay is now facing either a ‘conspiracy to murder’ or ‘attempted murder’ charge, which could see him sentenced to a large amount of time in prison when his trial comes on August 4th.

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