FBG Duck’s older brother, who also raps and is known by the name ‘FBG Brick’ was shot and killed in the Woodlawn neighbourhood on the south side of Chicago earlier today (7.17.17).

Officers responded to calls of a shooting at around 2:50pm & News of his murder first broke through the ‘Spot News’ Twitter page, an account which listens in to Chicago Police and other emergency service scanners in real time and posts the things heard. The first report of Brick’s shooting reads:

@SPOTNEWSonIG: “63/St. Lawrence: person shot. #ChicagoScanner”

The 6300 Block of South St. Lawrence is featured in numerous music videos and ZackTV interviews, and is home to FBG Duck and Lil Jay among others.

The post was quickly updated with details that 2 people were shot, then a post followed detailing someone on the scene asking for “Two Body Bags”. Dramatic updates followed asking for “all available units” and saying people were attempting to “overrun the crime scene”. Spot News even at one point recorded the possibility of revenge attacks on Parkway Gardens aka ‘O-Block’, due to existing gang disputes between the two areas.

FBG Brick, real name Jermaine Robinson, was one of the two men who was murdered, one of whom was shot in the head in front of a home and the other was found in the back gangway with gunshot wounds to his back and arm (it is unclear at this point which of the two victims was FBG Brick as the bodies are yet to be formally identified). The other deceased man is rumoured to be another associate of FBG Duck. Both men were pronounced dead on the scene and Police are currently seeking answers in relation to the double murder.

Friends and affiliates confirmed Brick’s passing as other Chicago news outlets spread the word of the homicides. Since his fairly recent release from Prison FBG Brick was attempting to follow in his brother’s footsteps into the rap game, and had released a number of music videos over the past months, the most notable of which is titled ‘Another One’.

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