Chicago’s Lil Reese quoting and commenting on a blog post about the recent shooting incident involving N.O’s Kyyngg triggered a reaction from Kyyngg & his brother Prynce Montana.

The NOPD officers investigating the incident believe Prynce shot his brother Kyyngg in he leg after a dispute at an apartment complex, but Kyyngg and Prynce themselves both deny this is true, saying Kyyngg was shot by an unknown assailant at a gas station. Reese called Kyyngg a “clown ass goofy” and a “damn nerd” while quoting the story on Twitter, and Prynce reacted the next day on Instagram. Kyyngg also reacted on Instagram live, but in a more positive way than Prynce did.

Prynce referenced the recent video of Reese being jumped in his response, calling him “pussy” & claiming he was just recently in Chicago. Reese did not respond to either man directly again after his initial post, choosing instead to post a simple clown emoji and let it be known that he’s not beefing with anybody on Twitter. He did however post a short video to his Instagram story yesterday [6/29/2019] saying he’s considering taking a trip to New Orleans (Kyyngg & Prynce’s home state), which some people have suggested could be more than a coincidence. What do you think?

Instagram: @ReeseMoney300 @Kyyngg @PrynceMontanaa

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