Chicago rapper and OTF artist Memo600 was shot 3 times yesterday [6/29/2019], and is currently in hospital recovering from his injuries.

Details around the shooting are scarce, with Memo revealing little more about the incident than the fact he was shot a total of 3 times. He shared footage of himself being transported between medical facilities in an Air Ambulance, along with multiple videos from his hospital bed, sporting a hospital gown and showing his wounds.

From the footage it’s clear that Memo was hit at least once in the foot, and also had bandages covering the middle of his chest and the right side of his torso. He posted a short message to his Instagram story asking people to stop inquiring what happened to him later in the day, joking about it being obvious that he was shot and not revealing any more details.

Memo later posted another short video showing his Team600 friends at his bed side, and looks to be on the road to recovery. Subscribe & Follow @RapCatchUp for updates. NOTE: All gunshot wounds in photos [@0:58-@1:28] are blurred/censored.

Instagram: @Memofrm600
[Beat: @KadmaBeats,]

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