Atalnta’s Lil Yachty called out fellow Atlanta artist Yung Bans last night [7/7/2019] for copying the idea behind his upcoming project ‘Misunderstood’ from one of Yachty’s previous albums.

Yachty called Bans his “son” and “bitch” in the first post, telling him “stop tryin[g] me”, before going on to respond to a fan’s comment and making it clear that he thinks Bans stole the concept for his new project ‘Misunderstood’ from his 2017 release ‘Teenage Emotions’. The cover art from both projects features multiple people with different hairstyles and looks wearing brightly-colored clothes with the artist in the centre of the frame, and the concept behind both projects involves growing up misunderstood and blossoming in later life.

Yachty called Bans’ project “literally a imprint” of his earlier project, & after initially responding with a plate + knife & fork emoji went on to call Boat “a whole hoe” & claimed Yachty’s “music will never sound like” his. Yachty responded with a simple “Lol ok”, but the dispute got the attention of DJ Akademiks who proceeded to get involved, calling Bans a “dweeb” & triggering some responses from Bans.

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