Lil Yachty this morning dissed Hot 96 host Ebro over dissing his simplistic rap style and taking offence to a track from his new mixtape’ Summer Songs’.

Hot 97 Radio Host Ebro kicked off the argument by calling Lil Yachty’s raps ‘high school ass bars’ and took a track from Lil Yachty’s new mixtape ‘Summer Songs’ named ‘For Hot 97’ as a diss track.

In a bunch of tweets which were since deleted, Lil Yachty quoted Ebro’s posts about the issue and clarified that the song was not a diss track at all, he just wanted to show the world that he can rap properly. When Ebro carried on posting about the incident Yachty said he was ‘actin like that 60 year old that never leave the barbershop’. After a while Lil Yachty backtracked and posted a tweet which read ‘Actually… Fuck hot 97’, and said he would not try and explain himself to someone who is dissing him. Yachty apparently then called in to Hot 97 and ‘cursed out’ Ebro in an interview which has not been released yet.

Ebro carried on posting on Twitter about the incident whereas Lil Yachty went back and deleted all his posts about Ebro, view them all above.

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