A picture of 600’s D.Rose emerged recently from a prison visit which shows him ‘cracking treys’, a hand sign which disrespects members of the ‘Black Disciple’ gang which some thought he was a member of. The picture has confused fans & left many incorrectly thinking that D.Rose has somehow switched his gang affiliation.

Despite always officially being a member of the 600 group, D.Rose’s main affiliation was to FollyBoyz and THF & rumour suggests he is a Black P Stone from 51st and May. Despite his numerous Black Disciple affiliates it is unclear if he himself was ever actually a BD, and his ongoing beef with BDs from other areas could be the reason for him throwing this hand-sign. To clarify, some gang members will ‘crack treys’ because they have issues with ALL BDs, whereas some others will throw the sign because of beef with a specific group of Black Disciples, even if they are BDs themselves. This second reason for throwing the sign seems a much more likely reason for D.Rose being pictured doing it. Another suggestion from fans and allegedly 600’s Booka is that D.Rose was ‘joking around’.

Rumours have circulated that D.Rose has problems with his former Team 600 affiliates, after his phone conversations with another person from jail circulated months ago, in which he said ‘the real 600 is dead or in jail’. It is unclear at this point whether this rumour is true but most of Team 600 do occasionally still mention D.Rose.

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