Chicago’s NoLimit Kyro just released jail CCTV footage from 2017 which reportedly shows Chicago rapper Lil Jay (aka King Lil Jay, Lil Jay #00) sitting down with another male inmate on his lap and kissing him.

The footage in question was posted to Instagram Stories by NoLimit Kyro in response to previously unseen 2017 bodycam footage of his friend King Von being leaked to the internet and going viral. Check out the most important parts of the video here:

Lil Jay’s manager (@blackguywithcrypto) was the first person to defend Jay against the rumors, as Jay himself is still behind bars at this time after violating a parole by possessing a gun during an arrest last year. His manager went live from his own Instagram account for a couple of hours and spoke about the video, denying Jay was the person featured and even going so far as thanking people for sharing the video and keeping #00’s buzz alive. Watch here:


Jay himself recorded a response over the phone denying that he was the person featured in the video, saying the body type and tattoos of the sitting man in the video in question “don’t match” those he had at the time:

The following day he posted another message claiming he’ll sit down and do a recorded lie detector test about the video on camera if he can raise $300,000 in funding from the public.

King Yella, Chicago rapper/blogger and former affiliate of Lil Jay’s was one of the first to openly condemn Jay after seeing the video for himself. He went live on his Instagram account and made his feelings clear that he’s “not standing behind” Lil Jay anymore, as well as confirming via his own personal knowledge of Lil Jay’s walking style that Jay is the person featured in the video. Watch Yella’s response for yourself here: