Newly emerged footage from 2017 showing deceased Chicago rapper King Von making claims about his sexuality and asking jail staff to be transferred into protective custody.

The leaked footage is from a chest-worn body cam showing King Von before he was famous asking jail staff to be transferred to PC (Protective Custody) because he was being targeted for being gay. The footage also features Von shouting to other inmates and even blowing a kiss towards a man off camera.

Take a look at the important parts of footage for yourself here:


Von’s motives for making the claims have been widely debated online, with most supporters and friends claiming he was using a tactic to get himself moved away from people he had serious issues with.

For important context, the end of the video which was cut off showed the jail staff agreeing to transfer Von to a different part of the jail, but he was not actually transferred to PC.

Von’s ex-girlfriend Asian Doll came to his defense on Twitter, suggesting as many others have that Von’s words were just an attempt to manipulate the jail suystem and should not be taken at face value: