Team 600’s Memo600 yesterday posted a video to his Instagram account claiming to have chased fellow Chicago rapper Lil Mister while he was riding a bicycle.

Memo posted the video on Instagram with a caption calling out Mister for running from him, and even mentioned Mister’s dead affiliate Joseph ‘Lil Jojo’ Coleman. Mister denied he was trying to make an escape from anybody, instead claiming that he was leading the people chasing him “Right To a Death trap”.

The pair argued the point under each-other’s posts about the incident, some of which we caught before they were later deleted.

This is not the first time Mister has been involved in controversy, famously being involved in a fight with Rico Recklezz in a store near Christmas last year and even being robbed and stripped on camera back in 2015 [].

Instagram: @Memofrm600 @LilWoppa

You think Mister was running from Memo or not?
[Beat: @ELFOnTheBeat,]

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