6IX9INE (Tekashi69) previewed his new fan-named song ‘STOOPID’ earlier today [9/6/2018] and it contained some controversial lyrics which many have taken to be a subliminal diss aimed at Chief Keef.

Although the lyrics do not directly address Chief Keef, 6IX9INE clearly uses one of Chief’s flows from his 2014 hit ’Faneto’ (Check Out the Preview itself HERE: https://goo.gl/EYLNdo) and raps:
“N****s killed your cousin you gon’ smoke n****?…rollin’ up your cousin in a blunt n****”
Alone it wouldn’t be too clear this is a diss, but coupled with Tekashi’s obviously indirect lyrics on ‘Get The Strap’ with Casanova, Uncle Murda & 50 Cent it’s pretty obvious he’s trying to get Chief Sosa’s attention (“gas what I smoke n****, NAH, on this dick your mother choke n****”). The first part of the final bar of 6IX9INE’s verse is copied exactly from Chief’s ‘Faneto’, and it’s clear he’s trying to adopt Keef’s flow while sending subliminal shots at him, much like he has on ’STOOPID’.
The man he’s said to be dissing is Chief Keef’s cousin Mario ‘Blood Money’ Hess (also known as Big Glo), who was shot and killed on April 9 2014. He was a recording artist with GBE/Glo Gang/SSR who had signed a $500,000 deal with Interscope records shortly before his murder. The lyric is more than likely not about Derrick ‘Fredo Santana’ Coleman as it makes reference to somebody being “killed”, not dying. Some have speculated the lyric could even be about Chief Keef’s other close friend Marvin ‘Capo’ Carr who was murdered in July 2015.

It seems 6IX9INE wants to start a war with Sosa, but so far he’s yet to bite, not responding in any direct way to his lyrics or online trolling (so far).

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